Somebody Knows what odor surrounds you. If they do not SMELL, they will not TELL!

How We Got Started

We have delivered a superior organic odor eliminator for more than a decade into the medical and home care worlds where our safety,efficacy and efficiency have made us the hallmark of the industry called for by hospitals, hospices and homes for our odor neutral, safe to drink and most most effective solution to those most intimate times in a family where an unpleasant odor can destroy a precious and tender moment.

In the past 4 years we have explored pivoting into new and different markets including industrial food processing and Confined Animal Farming where our formulations also turbo charge the natural digestion process and eliminate all organic waste on site at scale inexpensively witrh important environmental value propositions.

We have been overtaken by the tidal wave of growth in the consumer need to minimize the impact of smoked THC and cannabis. 

The desire to partake but not advertise has impressed us.  We decided that the cannabis market deserved its own branding and distribution.